The home of the PartLy Animals, a group of wild and eccentric clipart style avatar NFT’s.
The Bush” is a utopian paradise that exists in the dimension between the real world and Web3.
Your PartLy Animal doubles as your Membership to “The Bush“, where holders can engage, collaborate and share in members-only benefits.

The PartLy Animals exist as a collection of 10,000 unique digital collectable NFT’s.

The PartLy Animals are on a mission to make a difference in their world through the power of NFT as 10% of all proceeds will be used to aid Wildlife and Nature Conservation in Africa.

Existing on the Ethereum blockchain for NFT and Animal lovers alike.

Public Sale LIVE Now

Each PartLy Animal is rare, unique, individually designed and programmatically generated as 10 individual African animal characters with a range of over 200 traits, including eyewear, headgear, neckcessories, tattoos and more.
The PartLy Animals exist as ERC721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS for NFT and Animal lovers alike.

No Strings Attached

Ownership of the artwork and IP.
You are free to do with your PartLy Animal as you wish.
By purchasing a PartLy Animal, you are granted full and complete rights to do whatever you want with your NFT and the artwork included, commercially or otherwise. You can see more details here.


10 individual African animal characters with hundreds of collective traits make each PartLy Animal unique and rare, with some ultra rare one-of-ones also part of the collection.


The PartLy Animals have enough curves of their own to show off, no price curves here. Each PartLy Animal will cost 0.002 ETH. No price tiers, same price for everyone.


The PartLy Animals are determined to make a change in their natural habitat by giving a minimum of 10% of all proceeds to aid Wildlife and Nature Conservation in Africa.


PartLy Animal ownership grants membership to “The Bush” and with that exclusive perks, like access to Future Collections, Airdrops, Free Mints, Merch and additional benefits through roadmap milestone activation.


Wildlife awareness is a foundational value of the PartLy Animals as they want to protect and preserve their natural home. We would like to educate the community in wildlife endangerment, poaching and abuse and how the power of NFT’s can be used to make a significant change.

brand growth

Stlwl – Creative Colab, the creators of PartLy Animals will be engaging in numerous projects to grow the PartLy Animals brand and create ever increasing value to it’s members.

our message

The NFT community worldwide is creative and expressive. We want to use our platform to expand this message and view to the world…

The PartLy Animals Story

Vark Staalwol {Far’k Stall-Vaughl}, a Merino Sheep living on a farm in the Karoo knew he was made for more than being just wool and meat. He wanted to live a full life being his true, crazy, eccentric and creative self. No longer following the herd, he escaped the farm and hit the road. He traveled for days and days until he ended up in “The Bush“. This is where Vark met King Leon, the ruler of “The Bush“. King Leon was an unhappy ruler, his father taught him that a King must rule through fear, but he wanted to rule through kindness. When Vark Staalwol shared his story with King Leon, he was truly inspired and created a new rule of law where all animals were encouraged to be kind to one another and express their inner party animal. The animals embraced this New Era and knew that although they were living their personalities out to the fullest a part of them will always remain grounded in nature… and so the PartLy Animals were created. A group of crazy animals going on wild adventures together in “The Bush” and beyond.

DON’T FOLLOW THE HERD. – Vark Staalwol


This is just the beginning.

We have set up some exciting roadmap goals to be activated and implemented as the brand grows and the project progresses.

01 The Start

The PartLy Animals concept created with each character look, name and personality carefully put together and designed.

02 introduction

Sending the PartLy Animals out into the world. Launching the website, social platforms etc. and engaging with the worldwide NFT community.

03 Launch | public sale

10,000 PartLy Animals will be minted on the Solana blockchain.
• Mint Price: 0.002 ETH
• Date: 22 August 2022

04 Secondary Marketplaces

Listing on secondary marketplaces like Opensea, Rarible etc.

05 donate

Wildlife conservation aid campaign launch. Engaging with various wildlife conservation groups to help with wildlife in need. As the PartLy Animals brand grows, our message of Wildlife and Nature Awareness will expand.

06 Collaboration

We will be engaging and collaborating with artists, digital artists and photographers across the globe to help showcase their work, build their portfolio and help them to create value with their art.

07 merch

The launch of PartLy Animals merchandise with exclusive member benefits.

08 Future Projects

The PartLy Animals have a lot of friends that are excited to join them in “The Bush“, PartLy Animals 2nd Gen NFT collection already in the works. Many other collections in concept for future release.

09 “The Bush” Expansion

The PartLy Animals team will continuously work on expanding “The Bush” and increasing member benefits, engagement and exclusivity.

10 Metaverse

The PartLy Animals want to join the new digital world and are investigating ways how they can explore and engage with the world in the metaverse.

The Team

Vark Staalwol

Creator | Founder

With over 18 years experience in business operations and finance, Vark has committed himself to follow his creative passion as the founder of the PartLy Animals brand.
Creator, designer, photographer, developer.

Mrs. Staalwol

Digital Artist

Established photographer and digital designer, Mrs. Staalwol is experienced in creating amazing artwork and bringing fresh life into any idea.
Artist, photographer. designer.


Technical Advisor

Years of experience in stock and crypto trading, Preacher knows one thing better than all and that is charts and patterns. His expertise and guidance is utterly important to the team.


Creative Consultant

A sales and marketing wizard, Rosie is the go to girl for all things commercial.

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